Controlling virtual experiences using biometrics

Over the last year or so I have developed several plugins that allow use of the Microsoft Band, within Android based Unity3D applications. Finally, the time has come to release at least one of them (the most functional if not simple) to the masses. In this post I will predominately focus on the Unity side of things so that you can get up and running with the plugin asap; however never fear; I will focus on the Java side of things in a future post. ...more

Mixed Reality & Sphero Robots

The following text is an extended abstract for a another paper I hope to be presenting at this years ITAG. This time round the paper features the research which I am conducting into the use of mixed reality in conjunction with robotics; in this instance, the robots in question are the most excellent Sphero platform. ...more

Walking in Place with Wearable Technology

The following text is an extended abstract for a paper which I hope to present at this years ITAG. The paper features the continued research and development of the Virtual Cane system I originally developed as part of my PhD. ...more

Microsoft Band & Unity3D

In this post I present a video of a plugin which I have been developing recently to enable communication between the excellent Microsoft Band and the Unity3D games development environment. ...more

Wiring up a Quadstepper for use with Grbl

In this post I will show you how to wire up a Sparkfun Quadstepper so that it can be used with Grbl. Grbl is an Arduino based open source high performance g-code parser and CNC hardware controller written in optimized C. This means that it can be used to control devices such as milling machines and 3D printers. ...more

Simple Bluetooth Joystick

In this post I will introduce a couple of Arduino scripts and the accompanying circuitry needed to make a very simple Bluetooth joystick. The first script simply provides you with all the basic code needed to read from a simple PS2 style joystick. This script is then expanded to include the capability for joystick calibration. Calculated calibration values are saved to the micro-controllers EEPROM so that they can be automatically retrieved next time the hardware is connected. ...more

Setting up a Bluetooth Mate

Here we have a quick tip type post detailing how to configure a spartkfun Bluetooth Mate for micro-controller based serial communication. To this end I will detail how to change both the Baudrate (bits per secondĀ for serial data transmission) and the name of such a modem. Once you understand the basic method needed for communicating with these devices, you will be able individually customise them to match the bespoke needs of your project; including features such as setting the devices password and enabling and disabling authentication. ...more

Adding Events to the Serialport Script

In this post I present an update to Unity3D Serialport Script so that it includes an event trigger that can notify any other Unity3D MonoBehaviour that serial data has been received and then parsed. Included within the event is both the parsed data and the raw data so that the notified behaviour can respond accordingly. ...more

Ratchets Headlight Prefab

In this post I will introduce some code developed for controlling Ratchets Headlights. The presented script extends the growing C# Mono Ratchet library of scripts for Unity3D and formulates the basis for yet another Unity3D prefab. As with the other scripts that I have featured as of late, the script utilizes both my Simple Serial String Parsing Code and my UnitySerialPort Script to provide serial communication capability between a Unity3D application and Ratchet the robot. ...more