Sheldon 2.0 – Bumper and Headstock

Happily I managed to get quite a lot done on the Sheldon 2.0 upgrade this weekend. Primary focus was that cleaning up the wiring and putting together the bumper, however I also managed to put the headstock together too.

Check out the following pic.

Fig 1: The New And Working Bumper

As you can see the new bumper has been fully completed and now features a sharp distance sensor and fog lights in addition to the original micro-switch triggers.

Next weekend I plan to integrate the new headstock and once this is done its all coding from there on out. The following image demonstrates what Sheldon will look like once the head has been integrated:

Fig 2: Sheldon 2.0 MockUp

As you will be able to see, the new head also feature’s Sharp Sensor (featured image) as before but this time around also includes a Serial JPEG TTL camera module which I hope can be used in conjunction to provide rudimentary Kinect like functionality (well that’s the plan anyhow).

Finally, by repositioning the motor controller under the Netduino I have managed to greatly reduce the visible volume of wiring, whilst also leaving me with ample space/potential for future sensor expansion :)

For the current state of play and to see the new bumper in action check out the following video:

Check back soon (hopefully next week) for more developments :)

Sheldon 2.0 – Bumper and Headstock
Posted on June 6, 2011 in Microcontrollers, Robotics by batts