Xbee Explorer Regulated – Netduino

A very quick example demonstrating the use of the Xbee Explorer Regulated Board as an alternative to the Arduino Xbee Shield for serial communication. My apologies for the sound quality on the video but I have been having a few technical issues.

The wiring is as follows:

DIN – Port 1
DOUT – Port 0
5V – 3V3

The software in this example can be downloaded via: http://www.dyadica.co.uk/blog/netduino-serialporthelper-to-winform-and-xna

The ArduinoXbeeShield mod can be found via: http://www.dyadica.co.uk/blog/arduino-xbee-shield-mod-for-netduino

Enjoy :)

Xbee Explorer Regulated – Netduino
Posted on June 7, 2011 in Microcontrollers, Tutorials by batts