Mixed Reality & Sphero Robots

The following text is an extended abstract for a another paper I hope to be presenting at this years ITAG. This time round the paper features the research which I am conducting into the use of mixed reality in conjunction with robotics; in this instance, the robots in question are the most excellent Sphero platform. ...more

Walking in Place with Wearable Technology

The following text is an extended abstract for a paper which I hope to present at this years ITAG. The paper features the continued research and development of the Virtual Cane system I originally developed as part of my PhD. ...more

The Virtual Cane

Accessible interfaces have been created using the Nintendo Wii Remote (Wiimote) device, and other Wii technology. The Virtual Cane uses the Wiimote’s ability to describe a body within 3D space to provide an interface to 3D environments for the visually impaired. The Wii Cane System maps the real world position and orientation of a Wiimote to that of a virtual counterpart within a simulated 3D environment so that it can be used as a cane within the environment. Auditory, verbal and vibratory feedback are provided in various forms which can be used by people who are blind and visually impaired to navigate their way around virtual environments. ...more