Kinect Robot Power Adapter

Those of you who have been following via my facebook page would have seen that I have been toying around with the idea of utilising the power of the Kinect with my latest robot build, Koothrappali. In order to facilitate this however I first had to verify that I could run the system unmodified with my tablet and with a portable power source. Point one was easy to resolve, and after installing the drivers I soon had the Kinect up and running. Point 2 however, was a little more tricky, but also achievable via the development of a custom Kinect Robot Power Adapter. ...more

OpenNI in WPF via EmguCV

Another quick demo showing the Kinect's IR stream running in a WPF app. This time the image is created as an EmguCV (OpenCV-C#) Image Gray, ushort. As you can see the quality is greatly enhanced in comparison to the last attempt. If you look closely you can make out the IR dot markers and also the grid pattern. As a bonus it’s ready for some Image manipulation via EmguCV too. ...more