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Xbee Explorer Regulated – Netduino

A very quick example demonstrating the use of the Xbee Explorer Regulated Board as an alternative to the Arduino Xbee Shield for serial communication.

Arduino Xbee Shield mod for Netduino

Update: For an alternative method check out the following post: http://www.dyadica.net/journal/xbee-explorer-regulated-netduino
This is a very quick post detailing how I modded my netduino to be compatible with the arduino …etc

Netduino SerialPortHelper to WinForm and XNA

A few weeks ago, I was contacted via YouTube in reference to the Netduino Serial Communication example I posted a while back. In my reply I promised that …etc

NetduinoPlus SD Card Example

I was contacted the other day with a request for some help with code needed for use of the NetduinoPlus SD Card.
So by way of response here we …etc

Netduino Flex Sensor Example

Here we have another Netduino Sensor example. This time I am going to show you how to wire up a Spectra Symbol flex sensor as retailed by Sparkfun …etc

Netduino Accelerometer Input Sample

The following is a simple example detailing how to interface of a Sparkfun ADXL 335 breakout board with a Netduino. Before you start, please ensure that your Netduino is running …etc

Netduino – Serial Communication

Update: check out  my netduino-serialporthelper-to-winform-and-xna post – based on code provided by hari over at the Netduino forums its a much better way to do it!
The following details …etc