Ayup, Ow'do and Welcome

Hello and welcome to a drop in the digial ocean. Here you can find a current total of 50 postings about making, robotics, microcontrollers and other geeky stuff.

Project Leonard – Bar Clamp Chaos

Well this week I had some time off and was finally able to devote some overdue attention to some of my many on-going projects. First in line was my …etc

Project Leonard – Z Axis Issues

Well this evening I hit the first snag in the Leonard build. No matter how much I tightened the motor to 8mm bar couplers the bar would not …etc

Project Leonard – Y Carriage Build

Well some more of the parts for the Project Leonard build arrived today, more specifically the RAMPS electronics. Inspired by this I decided to allocate an hour this …etc

Project Leonard – Frame Build

Time for a quick update on my RepRap build, Leonard. Some of my part orders arrived at the weekend (kudos to thingfarm.org for great customer service) so today …etc

Project Leonard – My Own RepRap

Today I have started a new robotics project, Project Leonard. Leonard is to be my first CNC style automaton based on a RepRap design. I hope that the …etc