Unity3D Serialport Script

This post presents a script and or prefab developed to allow drag and drop capability for serial communication within the Unity3D game development ecosystem. This in turn allows for the use of  custom gaming controllers and hardware developed on platforms such as Arduino and Netduino within Unity applications. The script is included at the end of the post and is also available for download. As always it is fully commented so that you can hopefully easily work out what is going on with the code. Events Update 06.03.2014 Please note that his script has been updated to both include event triggers and the removal of the threaded  update loop. For more information please see the post: Adding Events to the Serialport Script. ...more

Netduino SerialPortHelper to WinForm and XNA

A few weeks ago, I was contacted via YouTube in reference to the Netduino Serial Communication example I posted a while back. In my reply I promised that I would make a posting detailing how I have since updated the system. Before we start, check out the featured video to see the current system in action. A while back I decided to adopt the methods as described by Hari over at the netduino forums to facilitate ReadLine functionality. The rationale for this was that by utilizing Hari's code we no longer have to detail the length data being sent, thus simplifying the code greatly. ...more